Advice for clients

Hire the ideal entertainer(s)

  • Budget is crucial in helping know which entertainer is available. “The date will influence which artist is on hand and we recommend controlling the cost of the performer by taking account of factors such as the distance between where the performer is located and where the event will take place.”
  • Decide which kind of production is wanted and the time. Some entertainers are skilled at delivering warm-up sessions; others shine as the main event.
  • Think about which entertainers have been successful previously at your events.
  • Decision makers must agree when choosing a performer to avoid last minute changes.
  • Reach out to acquaintances and associates. Asking for suggestion is an excellent way of narrowing down your search. Earth42 talent and literary agency can find performers regardless of whether or not they are on our roster.
  • Judge your audience. Consider whether the entertainer appeals to a broad audience or a particular group.

Media checklist

Get Ready: The Media

Take time and care preparing media information to support your event. Ask for photographs from the performer or ask Earth42 talent and literary agency. Once you have the picture have it scanned and saved as either a TIFF or JPEG file. For Web publishing 72 dots per inch (dpi) will work. For print save images at 300 dpi.

Before the event distribute a press release of the calendar to editors at local daily newspapers and industry-related publications. Get in touch with local print and broadcast media to organize a meeting for your performer if time permits, however, this normally has to be cleared with the artist’s management team.

Get Set:  The Media

Earth42 talent and literary agency will confirm when the artist is going to turn up. Watch the news the week of your event. If you desire local media to cover the event, you have to decide the news approach. Consider which events would produce good photos or visuals for television cameras. Ensure that follow-up calls to journalists to check they have the information you sent them.

 Go: The Media

It is important to keep the reputation of potential media organizations in mind.  Send media packages to key groups in the days leading up to the event. Be sure to tell who, what, when, where and, significantly, why their audience wants to know about your event.

Finally be organized for the media; when journalists or broadcasters come to the location ensure there is a member of your team to meet them. Also ensure that if interviews and photos take place, there is a quiet spot available with your organisation’s with your organization name or logo in the backdrop. However please note this usually has to be cleared with the artist’s management team.

The Party’s over

Once the event has finished offer to send an e-mail to the audience with links to bonus information relating to the event along with photos, videos, and stories of what happened. Take on-board any lessons learned during the planning and execution of the event for future use.

Promoting your entertainer(s)

  • A provoking banner. Begin by guaranteeing the event has a memorable banner – making certain the event matches the description.
  • Work Your Web Site and generate excitement with e-mail.
  • Awareness makes audiences excited; your web site is a powerful instrument to launch the artist to your prospective audience.
  • Prepare a comprehensive explanation of the event and the performer on your website. Pictures of the performer helps make a connection with your potential audience.
  • Once your event is over consider posting audio or video extracts from the episode for those who were unable to attend. Again note that this usually has to be cleared with the artist’s management team.
  • Email is simple and cost effective in helping your occasion. Email allows you to strike a chord with the reader on the coming event.
  • Word of Mouth. If you can devise ways of encouraging people to talk about the event you will have come up with a brilliant means of focusing public attention.  This includes persuading the performer to chat about your event before hand and use his or her own media outlets.

Promotion and publicity checklist

  • Use any past information as well as reviews from previous years.
  • Make clear decisions about the purpose and scale of the event.
  • Consider your audience’s relationship with the event; for instance when there are exhibitors, particular industries or trades and what sort of people you are targeting.
  • Create a premise and related graphics. Think carefully about what needs to be included; the reason for putting the concept together and what tone you hope to express. Also consider how your material will be produced, the number of colours needed, the layout format required at each stage – and of course how much is budgeted.
  • Put a time plan in place for the promotion.
  • Decide on promotional budget supported on distinctiveness of membership, the venue, time of year, and price to attend.
  • Generate supporting materials relating to tested method: succinct and powerful wording, realistic details of advantages to guests while stressing the fundamentals of the even and easy ways of joining the occasion.
  • Arrangement for all matters needed to support the theme. So consider overheads, special effects and quality of promotional material;  also the time needed for fabrication; and cost.
  • Request at least three competitive bids for all printing securitize samples of paper stock.
  • Make promotional information, press releases, and connected materials in line with the timetable of the event.
  • Focus on local, national, international media as suitable by type: trade papers, newspapers and journal of general interest, radio and television adapted to the market.
  • In general, manage promotional expenses using the following actions:
    • Get written bids for services.
    • Keep away from pointless special effects.
    • Co-ordinate marketing materials as needed.
    • Confirm and implement a firm policy on overtime of staff.
    • Reduce number of changes once the plan has been agreed.